Students and GSPS eagerly wait for weekly C.A. session on every Saturday. C.A. stands for cultural activities/current affairs. The school lays great emphasis on cultural activities and current affairs for the students. A time slot is kept for this purpose. The students are encouraged to take part in these activities soas to ensure their all round development. Science quiz ,G.K. quiz, recitation competitions and debates are regular features of this session

"Work Education Lab".

The school has a work education lab where the students are trained in art and handicrafts like:


  • Candle Making
  • Flower Making
  • Soft Toy Making
  • Marble Painting
  • Spray Painting
  • Was panting
  • Tile Painting
  • Fabric Painting
  • Pot Decoration
  • Bandhen Wari
  • Different Stitching
  • Making of Chines
  • Fac etc

"Value of Education".

Value education cannot be imparted through lessons. It is the very process of socialization. Every program of the school conveys some value, which gives maximum benefit to the students. To imbibe ethical values among the students, stress in given on value education.Various programs are organized to uplift the students morally and spiritually to make them responsible , sensitive and decent human beings. In modern society there is a culture of imitating the west but here at GSPS we work towards maintaining our rich culture to preserve the human values of our past.


It is a common saying that Health is Wealth. To sustain the wealth of health there are excellent opportunities for the students to participate in many sport events in the school. The school offers a variety of sports like football, cricket, volleyball, badminton, kabaddi, athletics etc. Experts are called to teach yoga. Coaches are engaged to impart coaching to students in various sports. We encourage pupils to learn for themselves. It involves teaching them the main skills to have the quality of decision making they need to conduct independent enquiry , to search new topics, to make connections between different subjects and to think for themselves, to be inquisitive to gain more knowledge.

"Administration of Differential Aptitude Test"

ADMINISTRATION OF DIFFERENTIAL APTITUDE TEST Aptitude may be defined as a specific capacity of special ability of an individual , indicative of his probable success in particular field. Aptitude tests have a wide range of application. They have proved to the backbone of the kinds of guidance services and selection programmes as they are very useful for predicting the suitability of individual’s competence regarding their vocational/professional fields. As the allocation of subject streams takes place in the beginning of +2 stage, school has practice of administering the tests in 10th class. These tests reveal the subjects that the students can learn with ease at the +2 level. The Administration of these tests in very important as it diagnoses the latent strengths of students with respect to their future learning direction on the basis of which a fair opinion can be formed about student’s future career. Along with this, student’s I.Q. is also measured. A final decision about a student’s stream is taken on the basis of aptitude & intelligence tests coupled with their achievement in 10th board exam conduct in the CCE pattern in school